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5 Best Data Science Courses In India

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A strong educational foundation is necessary for both job searching and career planning. To help candidates narrow down their choice of institution and locate the ideal course that will further their careers, Career Play conducted internal research to create rankings for the best data science programs in India.

The study of data to gain crucial business insights is known as “data science.” It combines concepts and methods from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data in a multidisciplinary manner.

Thanks to this study, data scientists may now ask and receive answers to questions like what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what can be done with the results.

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Top 5 Data Science Courses in India

  1. Postgraduate Program in Data Science from Purdue University and Simplilearn

Based on the above selection and rating criteria, the top Data Science Course in India is Simplilearn’s PGP in Data Science, which is taught in partnership with Purdue University.

Purdue University has offered one of the best data science courses in the world for almost 150 years of academic success.

With Purdue and IBM, this program has been rated as the finest for fusing the best of academic and industrial achievement. This makes the certifications obtained recognized on a global scale.

Course Highlights

  • Mode of Learning: Live Online Classes
  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Program Recognition: Purdue and IBM collaborated on the program’s creation. The learner receives both an IBM certificate and a Purdue University certificate upon completing the program. Additionally, IBM offers $1200 worth of IBM Cloud credits and access to IBM Watson for hands-on platform experience.
  • Alumni Status: You can get alumni status by becoming a member of the Purdue University Alumni Association.
  • Job Assistance: Simplilearn offers the JobAssist program through a collaboration with IIMJobs. This covers employment fairs, resume help, career mentorship, and a six-month IIMJobs Pro Membership.
  • Fees: INR 2,25,000 + GST
  1. Advanced Program in Data Science at IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta has an advanced program in data science for professionals who already have jobs but want to improve their skills.

A few live sessions and a four-day on-campus session are mixed in with this program’s largely online instruction.

Course Highlight:

  • Mode of learning: online instruction with four days on campus
  • Course Duration: Twelve months for the course
  • Program Recognition: Students who complete the program will receive an IIM Calcutta certificate.
  • provides business case studies as a part of the educational process.
  • Fees: INR 4,40,000 + GST
  1. Postgraduate Program in Data Science by Praxis Business School

The PGP in Data Science is a nine-month full-time program offered by The Praxis School. It is available in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai, three cities.

This course takes an additional time commitment and cannot be completed while holding down a job because it is a full-time data science course. Additionally, it promotes learning and higher completion.

Course Highlight:

  • Mode of Learning: Classroom/Offline
  • Course Duration: 9 months
  • Location: Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai
  • Hands-on Learning: Because this is a full-time offline program, it takes more time and effort to finish, and it’s hard to do while working, but the hands-on learning is good.
  • Fees: 5,10,000 INR + GST
  1. Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics by Great Learning

Working professionals are the main target audience for this online PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics program by Great Learning. Monthly live classes with a university professor and online videos that have already been made are used to teach.

Course Highlights:

  • Learning method: online
  • Course Duration: 11 months for the course.
  • Program Recognition: A certificate from Great Lakes Executive Learning and The University of Texas at Austin attesting to the program’s success
  • Hands-on Learning: Online pre-recorded videos are used as the learning method. A monthly live class with a university lecturer serves as assistance for this.
  • Fees: INR 2,25,000 + GST
  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science by Upgrad

This challenging 12-month online course from Upgrad is prepared to be completed in 12–15 hours per week. No prior knowledge of coding is necessary for this program.

Course Highlights:

  • Learning method: online
  • Course Duration: Twelve months for the course
  • Program Recognition: Provides the ability to select one of five specialties based on your background and professional goals. Obtain a specialized PG Diploma in Data Science from IIIT-B.
  • Hands-on learning: Students can do this by watching pre-recorded videos online and meeting with a professor in person once a month.
Best Data Science Courses In India

What exactly is Data Science?

One of the most popular technologies today is data science, which is connecting with the automation industry and expanding its applications in top MNCs and startups.

The amount of data in the modern world is always growing, which raises the necessity of preserving it for later analysis. Furthermore, because data is typically unstructured, it must be presented in the correct order to be processed.

Data Scientist Experience Is Required

  • The process of transferring data from one form to another is known as “data wrangling.” This is one of the most sought-after data science skills because building models, analyzing data, and other related tasks are central to the field.
  • Since data science deals with a lot of unstructured or raw data, it is important to use statistics to look at the data and find connections between different data sets.
  • Data visualization: By presenting discoveries that no one else can, data visualizations help draw important conclusions from big data sets.
  • In data research, two popular programming languages are Python and R. Numerous institutions, institutes, and online platforms have produced extensive courses on data science using Python and R.


Some of the top data science courses in India are those that have just been mentioned. The present trend in data science indicates that many organizations are using analytics to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Numerous corporate leaders with specialized degrees are required.

Do you now search through thousands of courses from all over the world? Contact any available career gurus after that to seek assistance with admission to prestigious international universities.

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