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6 Best MBA University In The World

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the gold standard of management education around the world. Both employers and students are enamored with it. Each year, tons of highly enthusiastic professionals apply to various MBA programs.

An MBA program serves you with deep management knowledge; after all, it is a generalist degree. MBAs will give you the best understanding of marketing, finance, and accounting. Also, you will get to polish your soft skills and leadership qualities.

Choosing the correct business school is one of the most important aspects of beginning your MBA journey. Even though the tuition at some of the best MBA schools in the world is high, the return on investment is always at least the same and sometimes even more.

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There are a number of benefits to earning an MBA from one of the world’s top programs, including the chance to expand your professional network and earn a higher salary.

Top Universities For MBA 

University/ B-SchoolRankingAvg. Tuition Fee for international students
Harvard Business School1119,964 USD/year
HEC Paris278,000 EUR/year
MIT382,250 USD/year
INSEAD, Paris491,000 EUR/year
Columbia Business School577,376 USD/year
University of Oxford665,520 GBP/year

1.Harvard Business School, Boston

The oldest institution of higher learning in the USA is Harvard University, which was established in 1636.

About 20% of the graduate students at Harvard are from outside the United States. The Harvard Medical School is situated in the nearby city of Boston.

The university also boasts the highest endowment of any university in the world. The university is made up of a college for undergraduate students and 11 other institutions that award degrees, including the highly regarded Business School.

which includes the Graduate School of Education, the Law School, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. In addition, Harvard conducts research in more than 100 centers across a variety of disciplines.

Why Harvard?

  • There is a long line of legal precedents from Harvard. Two federal courts have determined that this university complies entirely with the law and Supreme Court precedents and does not discriminate against Asian American students.
  • The university’s campuses are extremely diverse, allowing students to broaden their minds and gain from a diverse academic environment.
  • The school has the largest academic library in the world, with more than 70 libraries and about 9 million books.

2. Jouy En Josas, HEC Paris

The prestigious business school HEC Paris is situated in the French town of Jouy-en-Josas. This institution, which was a founding member of ParisTech and was established in 1881, is currently a leader in management education and research. Numerous business titans have emerged from this prestigious institution.

The institution offers MBA programs as well as some summer schools in the management of geopolitics, finances, businesses, fashion, sports, and entertainment. Additionally, it offers Ph.D., executive education, and specialized MSc programs.

It frequently appears in the top 100 international business schools. The “3 Parisiennes” are HEC, ESCP, and ESSEC.

Why HEC Paris?

  • More Fortune Global 500 company CEOs than any other European university have graduated from HEC Paris.
  • Here, students learn about entrepreneurship and a unique approach to leadership that helps them improve their skills and find work.
  • For the 10th time in 11 years, the school earned the top spot globally in international finances in 2021.

3. MIT (Sloan), Cambridge

The community at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is motivated by a common goal: to support students in using education, research, and innovation to improve the world. It was established in Boston in 1861 and relocated to Cambridge in 1916.

This university is friendly to talented students from all over the world. It is also weird and fun, elite but not snobbish, creative and artistic, and focused on data and results.

MIT, which was established in 1916 to hasten the country’s industrial revolution, is widely regarded as being intensely American. Its graduates have founded new firms and sectors, invented vital technology, and produced millions of jobs in America.

Outstanding students and professors at MIT work together to serve the country and the world through top-notch teaching, research, and new activities.

There are courses offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Additionally, the school offers executive education degrees. 11,934 people are enrolled at this management school, including 4,638 undergraduates and 7,296 graduates.

Why MIT?

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) hopes to attract and welcome a large number of well-known corporations, including Facebook, Google, Pfizer, Microsoft, Amazon, and others.
  • Students have a good chance of getting hired by companies after they finish school because they get to work directly with them.
  • There is financial aid and scholarships available for students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • The students at MIT are given a variety of fellowships, including the Fundacion Gondra Barandiaran Fellowship, the Legatum Fellowship, the McKinsey Award, the Lemann Education Fellowship, and others.
  • 56 undergraduate majors, 58 minors, 1 pirate certificate, and 50 departments or programs offering graduate degrees are all available at MIT.

4. INSEAD, Paris, Singapore, France

A non-profit business school called INSEAD has campuses in San Francisco, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and France. It is a graduate-only institution that offers executive education courses as well as management-related master’s, master of finance, Ph.D., and master of business administration degrees. INSEAD has 1500 students from over 90 countries enrolled.


  • As soon as they are admitted to INSEAD France, students become eligible for scholarships. For MBA applicants, there are more than 100 scholarships available, and each year, students get financial aid totaling more than 5.7 million EUR (about INR 47 crores).
  • Through study abroad programs and the National Student Exchange, the institution offers students numerous options to engage with and interact with the university locally, nationally, and internationally. Wharton Business School, Sorbonne University, and Tsinghua University are partners with INSEAD France.
  • Small class sizes, top-notch teachers, and a wide range of students make learning at INSEAD France more effective and long-lasting.

5. Columbia Business School, New York

Columbia University (CU) is a private research university in New York City. One of the nine colonial institutions that existed before the Declaration of Independence, Columbia University was founded in 1896. It is now regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Being the fifth-oldest institution of higher learning in the US, it has joined the “Ivy League,” with yearly Columbia University fees of $31,285 (INR 25.87 lakhs). According to enrollment data for 2021–22, Columbia University accepted more than 18,000 international students and scholars from more than 150 nations.

On a scale of 4.0, the average GPA of admitted students at Columbia University New York’s undergraduate program is 3.19 (86%).

For its graduate programs, it is 3.6 (91%). 3,043 international students are enrolled in the “Fu Foundation of Engineering and Applied, one of Columbia University’s most popular graduate programs. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, which enrolls 2,465 international students, comes next.

Additionally, need-based financial aid makes Columbia accessible to international students. Financial aid is provided to half of Columbia University students, with an average award of 63,971 USD (INR 52.9 lakhs).

Why Columbia University?

  • Superb and extensive academic programs are offered at Columbia University in New York. In addition to a world-class medical facility, there are four connected colleges and seminaries, twenty-five libraries, and more than one hundred research centers and institutes.
  • It has three schools for undergraduates, thirteen schools for graduate and professional students, four institutions that work with it, and four libraries.
  • Columbia University, which has been around for more than 250 years, has a large alumni network and provides a wide range of options.
  • Students at the institute can work on projects, do research, take part in the arts, play sports, and do many other things.

6. University of Oxford

One of the most prestigious universities in the world and one of the oldest is the University of Oxford, which is situated in Oxford, United Kingdom. Early in the 12th century, the University of Paris had a big effect on the growth of Oxford.

It is a research university for undergraduates. Academic affiliations exist between the University of Oxford and the IARU, Russell Group, the Golden Triangle, G5, LERU, SES, EUA, and Europaeum.

The University of Oxford has been in existence since 1096, according to some evidence. As a result, it is one of the oldest colleges in the world where English was once the medium of instruction.

Why the University of Oxford?

  • Education is of unequaled excellence. It features individualized instruction and scholarly discussion sessions.
  • The legacy and history of the University of Oxford are extensive.
  • The university’s overall student body makes it an ideal place to learn from and interact with individuals from other cultures and nations.

What factors should you consider when ranking universities?

  1. Career Potential: Career potential is evaluated through the QS Global Employer Survey, which asks some of the top recruiters to select their preferred B-schools from which to select applicants.
  2. Business and Alumni Results: B-schools with more than 50,000 CEOs at some of the best corporations in the world, such as Apple, PepsiCo, JPMorgan Chase, etc., are analyzed using the Alumni Outcomes Index. On the other hand, business schools say that the requirement to be an entrepreneur is the most important thing.
  3. Return on Investment: To identify the schools delivering the best ROI, a thorough investigation of ROI is conducted. The salary offered to the candidates after and before their MBA is completely different. Also taken into account is a 10-year ROI.
  4. Class and Faculty Diversity: When ranking some of the top MBA colleges in the world, certain criteria are thought to be extremely important.

As an international student, you should be aware that an MBA abroad will cost you anywhere from 50,000 USD to 100,000 USD per year. It will depend on the university you pick. Additionally, it can be a little bit challenging and competitive for Indian students to get accepted into the best MBA programs in the world. Pick your university wisely and make a great career for.

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