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List of the top 3 boat insurance companies in the USA

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This blog covers all the important aspects related to the best boat insurance companies. Discover more about the policy and its benefits.

Unknown to most people, boating accidents happen frequently. 

Accidents can happen at any time, but you can be ready for them by getting the finest boat insurance for your needs. When you own a boat, you have a lot of options for relaxing pursuits like sailing, fishing, and excursions to secluded beaches. Your boating adventures, however, could be overshadowed by issues like collisions, capsizing, theft, fire, and storms.

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Before you venture out on the water, find out which company offers the best boat insurance you can afford by comparing policies. We carefully considered each option and chose the top boat insurance providers.

Boat insurance: What is it?

Boat insurance is a specific type of coverage for boats. Larger vessels require separate insurance, whereas small canoes, sailboats, and some powerboats may be protected against loss under your homeowners or renters insurance policy. Additionally, liability coverage is typically excluded from homeowners’ or renters’ insurance coverage.

Typically, physical damage to the boat caused by collisions or theft is covered by boat insurance. The majority of boat owners also decide to purchase liability insurance to guard against possible accidents that may result in injuries or property damage.

Top 3 boat insurance companies with pros and cons


The largest membership-based group for recreational boat owners is called BoatUS. While membership is not necessary to receive a BoatUS insurance quote, purchasing one allows you to receive benefits similar to those provided by AAA or other auto clubs for your vehicle. These include the free BoatUS safety courses that can reduce your boat insurance premiums, whether or not you have BoatUS insurance.

The business, which is owned by Geico, provides agreed value, actual cash value, and liability coverage plans for the majority of boat types but not replacement cost coverage, which many insurers provide.


  • Discounts and free education sessions for boaters
  • Plans for emergency assistance and towing are available at an extra cost.
  • Policyholders with Geico auto insurance could receive a discount.
  • The choice to add Alaska, the Bahamas, Mexico, and the Caribbean to your coverage 


  • Not all policy options are offered in every state or on every type of vessel.
  • does not provide insurance for replacement costs.
  • Membership in BoatUS is required to access the unlimited towing benefits.

Progressive Insurance 

Accident forgiveness is a feature of Progressive’s boat insurance coverage, which prevents rate increases for claims of $500 or less. Regardless of the amount of the claim, boaters who have been Progressive customers for at least four years and have gone three years without an accident are protected from rate increases.

Wreckage removal is not often a part of the basic coverage offered by insurers. Progressive will pay to have your boat removed if it is damaged in an accident or storm.


  • Fuel leak cleanup and wreckage removal are both covered.
  • Expired deductibles and accident forgiveness


  • Limitations on coverage for high-end watercraft and large boats in hurricane-prone states

State Farm

State Farm boat insurance, like many other insurers, pays for injuries to third parties and damage your boat causes to third parties property, such as another boat or a pier. However, State Farm also provides a less common aspect of boat policies—an optional add-on liability protection—for rental boats.

State Farm offers liability protection whether you rent a boat while on vacation or while yours is being repaired; if you rent a boat while yours is in the shop, they might even reimburse some of your rental fees.


  • includes a remarkably broad range of watercraft, such as yachts, kayaks, and canoes.
  • Optional boat rental insurance
  • If you don’t use the boat all year, you can get a lay-up discount. 


  • There is no genuine financial value protection offered.
 boat insurance
boat insurance

Find the Best Boat Insurance: How to Do It

The cost of boat insurance differs across insurance providers just like a sailboat and a pontoon boat. Compare quotes from several insurance providers to find the lowest-priced boat insurance.

On occasion, you can find free quotes online at the websites of insurance companies, but not all boat insurance companies offer online rates. Instead, give the insurance provider or a private insurance agent a call.

Inquire about any savings available for boat insurance, such as:

  • Multiple-policy discount: Combining several insurance policies, such as boat and auto insurance, with the same insurer can result in savings.
  • Savings on boat safety: If you complete a boater’s safety course, you’ll receive a discount.
  • Diesel-powered boats:In comparison to gasoline-powered boats, diesel boats are regarded as less dangerous.
  • Safety features on boats: If your boat is equipped with fire suppression systems and extinguishers that have been approved by the Coast Guard, you might be qualified for a discount.
  • Rebates on payments: Paying your yearly premium in full, going paperless, or signing up for auto-pay can frequently result in savings.
  • Free from claims: If there hasn’t been a claim in the last two years, your boat insurance provider might give you a discount.

Wrapping up

When you’re out on the water, having boat insurance will provide you with peace of mind and secure one of your most valuable items. To help you get the most value for your money when choosing insurance, compare all the options and find out which firms offer the biggest discounts and other benefits. Finding a personalized choice that can save you money is simple due to the variety of policies and discounts accessible.

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