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Globe Life Insurance Company – Introduction, History & Policies For You

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This blog covers all the important aspects related to global life insurance. Discover more about the company and FAQs

If you’re buying life insurance, Globe Life could have caught your eye. They are a well-known business that has a long history of offering Americans insurance products. The Globe Life Insurance Company may be the best option for you, but is it? In this analysis, we will examine Globe Life’s offerings, and the benefits and drawbacks of selecting Globe Life as your insurer will also be covered.

Globe Life Insurance: What is it? 

Term life, whole life, children’s life, and accidental death insurance are all offered by Globe Life. It also provides mortgage protection insurance and ultimate expense insurance, generally known as burial insurance. for its life insurance policies. 

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Globe Life provides whole life and term life insurance without a medical exam; however, the policies’ coverage limits are considerably lower than those of conventional life insurance policies. Rates for term life insurance policies rise every five years as you get older. Your purchase selection should take into account the company’s high complaint rate.


  • Globe Life insurance coverage doesn’t require medical examinations.


  • There are a lot of complaints against Globe Life Insurance.
  • Forbes Advisor was unable to locate any disclosure of renewal rates for term life insurance, which increase every five years.
  • With other companies, you can find higher coverage limits and longer pricing lock-in periods.

Company History of Globe Life

As Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co., Globe Life was established in 1951. It was purchased by Liberty National Life Insurance Co. and Torchmark Corp., a holding company, in 1980. In 2019, Globe Life Inc. took over the Torchmark brand.

American Income Life, Family Heritage Life, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co., Liberty National Life, and United American are among the insurance companies that are subsidiaries of Globe Life. The business bought Beazley Benefits, a provider of workplace benefits, in August 2021. McKinney, Texas, serves as the corporate home of Globe Life Inc.

Globe Life Insurance Company
Globe Life Insurance Company

Globe Life Insurance has available policies

Term life, whole life, and last expense policies are among the several types of life insurance that Globe Life offers. The policies that the company offers and its items are described below. No Globe policy requires a medical exam, although you could be asked to provide answers to a few health-related questions.

Life Term

Term life insurance ensures that if the insured individual passes away within a predetermined term, such as 20 years, the beneficiaries will be paid the stated death benefit. Term life insurance products normally have no savings element and only the death benefit, in contrast to permanent life insurance policies. Unless they qualify for conversion to a permanent policy or yearly renewal, they expire at the end of the term period.

Whole Life

As long as payments are made, whole life insurance is a sort of contract that is valid until the policyholder’s death. As time goes on, the plan builds up its financial worth. The insured may borrow money using the policy as collateral or let its value increase.

Insurance for the last costs

Final expense insurance, also known as funeral insurance or burial insurance, is a kind of whole life insurance that offers a small death benefit to pay for costs like a funeral or memorial service, embalming, and a casket, as well as for any other reason, like paying property taxes or going on vacation. Online or postal orders are accepted for Globe Life’s ultimate expense coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Q: How quickly does Global Life Insurance pay claims?

Depending on the state, this procedure is usually completed in 30 days. The type of life insurance you have, though, may have additional requirements that must be completed to make a payout claim in addition to the insured’s passing.

Q: Is Globe Life denying the allegations?

Your claim could be rejected by Globe Life for something as little as a misspelled name, an incorrect social security number, or an incorrect address on the application. Globe may assert exclusions that neither you nor the policyholder was aware of or that are not supported by the actual circumstances.

Q: How long does Globe Life insurance have to be in effect before it begins to pay out?

Their term or whole life insurance requires that you meet certain medical requirements. Once your initial payment is received and approved, you immediately become completely insured with no waiting period. The authenticity of Globe Life Insurance In all 50 states, including DC, Globe Life is a legally registered insurance provider that is permitted to conduct business.

Q: When you stop making payments on your life insurance, what happens?

The term life insurance coverage will lapse and expire after the grace period if you cease making payments. A cash-value life insurance policy’s cash value will often be used by the insurer to cover the premiums if your payments halt. The policy will expire when its remaining cash value is used up.

Q: Can I cancel my insurance and receive a refund?

If your policy is canceled and you have already paid your premium, your insurance company might give you a refund. How much of the premium you paid in advance and the reason you’re canceling the policy will both have an impact on whether you receive an insurance refund.

Final Words 

Globe life insurance may be a good choice if you’re looking for a no-exam policy with immediate coverage. However, you can probably find less expensive policies elsewhere if you want more coverage or are prepared to undergo a medical exam. Even though Globe Life has received fewer complaints than some of its rivals, it is still imperative to carefully read the policy documents before enrolling. Request a life insurance quote below to find out how much money you could save by switching providers.

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