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How to customize the folders synced in your Google Drive desktop app

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 This blog covers all the important aspects related to how to customize the folders synced in Google Drive. Find out more about the synced folder in Drive.

Google Drive 

Users can save data online using Google Drive, which is a cloud-based storage system. Here is all the information you require about Google Drive.

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Most certainly, if you own an Android smartphone, you have a Google account. Google makes Google Drive available to all users. With Google Drive, users can store files in the cloud and access them from any computer, smartphone, tablet, or another device, including iPhones and iPads.

All customers receive 15 GB of free Google Drive storage from the company. Earlier last year, Google modified its free storage policy. This indicates that any new images and movies you back up will count toward the 15GB of free storage that each Google account receives.

How to customize the folders synced in your Google Drive desktop app

On my MacBook Pro, there are several folders (like Documents) that I do wish to maintain in sync with Google Drive. I’m going to show you how to set up the Google Drive Desktop programme so that it syncs only certain folders with Drive.

All you’ll need is a Google Drive account and the Google Drive Desktop app set up on your computer (which can run Windows or macOS; I’ll be showing it off on macOS).

Let’s start now.

1. Go to Settings. 2. Add a new folder for syncing.

Your computer ought to be running the Google Drive desktop client already. Your top bar should display an icon (Figure 1).

Click that icon, and then click the gear icon in the popup window (Figure 2).

You should then see another popup menu (Figure 3).

Select Preferences from that menu.

Add a fresh folder.

Click the Add folder in the new window (Figure 4).

This will open the Finder picker (Figure 5).

Find the new folder you wish to sync with Drive, select it, and then click Open. The new folder will be listed when you return to the Google Drive Desktop Client Preferences box.

The client will immediately begin uploading all of the files and subdirectories contained in the newly inserted folder. The initial sync could take some time, depending on how many files there are and how big they are.

Where to find those files in Drive

You might be startled to see that these newly added folders won’t appear in the Drive root directory once they have synced with Google Drive. Instead, a section titled “Computers” can be found on the left sidebar. Expand that entry to reveal the devices you’ve set up to sync folders to Drive (Figure 6).

Great, You’ve successfully set up the Google Drive desktop client so that newly added folders from your desktop or laptop computer sync with your Drive account.

How to Select Folders and Files on the Computer for Sync with Google Drive? 

Google Drive for desktop applications has a lot of advantages. You can easily take an online backup of chosen folders or files on your computer without your intervention.

However, you might encounter problems if you don’t shape your Google Drive sync settings right away. Obey these easy steps to sync chosen data on your PC to Google Drive:

Open Drive for desktop applications (Cloud icon in the bottom right corner).

Click on the three vertical dots that say “More” and choose your preferences.

Select Choose a folder to add any folder that is not displayed on the list.

Click the OK button once you’ve added all the files or folders you want to keep syncing.

Remove any unnecessary files or folders to save time.

How Do You Sync Particular Google Drive Folders To Your Computer?

The simplest way to achieve this is with Google Drive if you have files that you want to constantly update across these many devices. These files can also be worked on offline.

It is now possible to configure the same Google Drive for desktop programmes to ensure that this syncing procedure proceeds as intended and that data from the drive continues to sync to your computer.

Launch the desktop version of Google Drive and select More (three vertical dots).

Directly select preferences, and also select Google Drive on the left.

Select the option. Sync My Drive to This Computer

Choose Sync only these folders to specify what to sync.

Now, click OK.

How Can I Prevent Some File Types From Syncing From My Computer to Google Drive?

From editors to accountants, many professionals favor Google Drive because of its simplicity. Within the designated folder, certain applications may produce log files or programme files without the need for backup or synchronization. By following the steps outlined below, you can prevent your drive from backing up any of the aforementioned file types:

Launch the desktop programme Drive.

Select choices by clicking the “More” (three dots) button.

Now select advanced options by clicking on Change on the right side of the screen.


Enter the file type’s extension and choose to Add to exclude it from syncing.

Finally, press OK to save your changes.

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