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How to repeat tasks and see completed ones in Todoist, Step by Step

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This blog covers all the important aspects related to how to repeat tasks and see completed ones in Todoist. Find out more the to foist Step by Step

One of the top task management tools available today is Todoist. Even though it has numerous robust third-party connectors, it is incredibly flexible and easy to use. One of the best illustrations of this versatility is the simplicity with which repeating tasks may be created. 

It’s really simple to create a recurring task in Todoist, and this blog will walk you through every step of the process so you can start doing it right away.

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Todoist what is it? Pros and Cons

How to repeat tasks and see completed ones in Todoist

One of the most well-liked productivity and to-do list apps available is called Todoist. It also functions as a powerful project management tool, making it simple to set up, oversee, and keep track of projects and tasks.

The primary features of Todoist that make it so simple to create tasks and subtasks with priority levels, due dates, and reminders will be covered in this review.


  • The features of the free plan are adequate for project management.
  • Automatic and dependable synchronizing
  • Easy-to-use natural language for task creation, planning, and ranking


  • The free plan lacks some crucial features, like automated backups and reminders.
  • User roles are only accessible in the business plan.

What is the purpose of Todoist?

Anyone who wants to be more productive should use Todoist.

Todoist can assist you in being organized and achieving your goals, whether you’re a student, a busy professional, or a stay-at-home mom.

Todoist can be used for a variety of things. Some of the most common application cases are listed below:

  • Keeping track of your daily task list
  • Project planning and management
  • Preparing for a journey or event
  • Keeping an eye on your fitness objectives

How to repeat tasks in Todoist? Step by Step 

Open Todoist

Organizer’s main window

Launch Todoist. Your primary window should be like the image above. Any of the currently available views, such as Inbox or Today, can be used to create a new task. We will set up our new task for this example from the Today view. The next step is to add a task by clicking the “Add a task” button or the plus sign (+) in the top bar.

Add your task to Todoist.

Making a to-do list task

The last step is to give your job a name by simply clicking in the task’s upper-right corner to position your cursor and begin typing.

To access your task’s task scheduling settings, click the “Today” button.

In Todoist, creating recurring tasks

You should see a button labeled “Schedule” or, if you are in the Today view, “Today” underneath where you just typed in the task’s name. To access the task scheduling option for your new task in Todoist, click that icon.

Then, enter the desired repeating schedule. Several instances could be:

Click the box containing your repeating schedule.

A Todoist recurring task schedule

If Todoist understands what you want after you write it in the recurring schedule, you should see a box that looks like the one in the screenshot above that specifies the interval your new task should utilize. Verify that the interval that Todoist has suggested is accurate, then click the box to enter recurring dates and times for your new task in Todoist.

Your new task ought to now be set up with a recurring due date. You should notice two arrows in a circle to the right of the following due date, as seen in the screenshot above, to immediately confirm that your new work is a recurring assignment.

To save your new task in Todoist, click “Add Task.”

To store a task in Todoist, click the “Add Task” button.

After making sure your task is set up to repeat, click the “Add task” button to store it in Todoist along with its new recurring schedule.

A todoist repeating task

Your new task has been set up in Todoist as a recurring task.

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