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How To Run Android Apps On Windows 11

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One of the main advantages of Android phones is the abundance of apps available.However, you can use a Windows PC in place of an Android device if you’ve been hoping to play an Android game or access an app on something with a bigger screen and a keyboard, or if you don’t have an Android device on hand to even check what’s available.

Please continue reading if you want to discover how to access Android apps on a Windows 11 device. We’ll be breaking it down into a few easy stages.

Android Application Installation on Windows

The following countries and the Vatican City have official access to Android apps for Windows 11: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, San Marino, and Spain. You must also have a compatible Windows 11 machine running Build 22000.526 or higher.

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Install the Windows subsystem for Android

You can now install the Windows Subsystem for Android since you have the most recent Windows 11 release.

You can run Android apps on Windows by using this, which is essentially a whole Android build running as a virtualized instance. Your Windows 11 computer can install the subsystem in a few easy steps.

Click the Library tab in the lower-left corner of the Microsoft Store when it is open.

Clicking the “Get Updates” button is the next step in the process.

How To Run Android Apps On Windows 11

Updates to your Microsoft Store should be complete. To verify the version, click the profile button in the title bar to the right. The section titled “About This App” ought to contain the version number. A 22110.1402.6.0 or greater is required.

After updating your Microsoft Store, you can turn on virtualization. Depending on the model of CPU in your system, you may need to toggle the switch in the BIOS/UEFI settings for older systems, which is typically referred to as Intel VT-X or AMD-V. After that, you can turn it on in Windows 11.

After launching it, click “Turn Windows features on or off” in the Programs section of the Control Panel. Check the boxes next to Windows Hypervisor Platform and Virtual Machine Platform to enable them, then click OK.

Start up your computer. Click Get after finding and opening the Amazon Appstore in the Microsoft Store. Follow the setup procedure. This will set up the Amazon Store and the Windows Subsystem for Android, preparing your system for Android applications.

Installing approved Android apps is a rather easy process. A valid Amazon account is required.

Using the Start menu or search, access the Amazon Appstore. Already an Amazon customer? Log in by clicking the link. Click the Sign-In button, then sign in using your credentials. After you’ve found and selected the software you want to install, click the Get/Download/Install button. 

How To Install Android Applications On Windows 11

If you were successful in installing the Amazon Appstore directly, you can access it by searching for it in the Start menu. You’ll be prompted to sign in once you’ve used your Amazon account.

  • When you’re finished, search for the app you want and select Get to download it. Any Android app that is installed on Windows 11 will seem like a regular program that you may open from the Start menu.
  • If you sideloaded the subsystem, you won’t have access to the store, so you’ll need to manually download the APKs and install them using PowerShell. You must have an Android Debug Bridge (ADB) installed on your entire system to do this.
  • This is necessary because the subsystem simulates an Android phone that is wirelessly linked to a Windows 11 PC, allowing you to push APKs of your choosing using ADB to make use of that connection. Apps not found on the Amazon Appstore can be installed using this method.
  • The 15-second ADB installer can be downloaded here. Download the installer, then run it. Whenever the administrator requests it, grant it. It will run in a terminal window and prompt you to install particular components by selecting Y/N as yes or no.

We must install all three parts, so hit Y and Enter to complete the installation of ADB and Fastboot, ADB system-wide, and drivers. You must follow the instructions in a separate window that will appear when the driver installer is ready to be used.

What Android Apps Work With Your Windows?

Over a thousand programs are currently available in the Amazon Appstore for Windows. These include entertainment apps like Kindle, reading programs like Khan Academy Kids, and kid-friendly apps like Lego Duplo World and Lords Mobile. Because Google Mobile Services are not available, popular apps like Gmail and YouTube are missing.

The problem is essentially the same when using the sideloading technique. Applications with split installation files or those with an APK extension won’t let you install them. If you can locate the APK file, you can install more than 50 apps using this method.

The Advantages of Running Android Apps on Windows 11

One important benefit of a native Android controller on Windows is that third-party Android emulators are not required. This can be used for a variety of things, such as playing mobile games on your PC or utilizing messaging programs like WhatsApp on your computer.

When the final version of this feature comes out, the long process of installing Android apps on Windows will become quick and easy, maybe for good.

Additionally, it is probably less resource-intensive than third-party emulators. This feature currently has a few bugs, but we anticipate that by the time it is ready for public release, everything will run smoothly.


Installing Android applications on Windows 11 is a good thing, or we can say that it can be a useful thing. You must install the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store and update to the most recent edition of Windows 11 in order to install Android apps.

You can sideload the Windows Subsystem for Android and manually install programs using APK files if you’re in an unsupported location. These are the available options for you right now.

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