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List Of The 4 Key Premium Credit Card And Tips To Pick One For Yourself

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High-end credit cards known as premium cards have welcome bonuses of $500 to $1,000 or more, recurring bonus rewards in significant expenditure categories, and exclusive perks like access to airport lounges.


Larger benefits are offered with the premium card. The advantages that premium cardholders can anticipate include travel credits, high rewards rates on spending, and a wide range of redemption alternatives.

The eligibility for premium cards will vary. Typically, they are geared toward people with good to excellent credit. Prior to applying for a premium card, you should concentrate on improving your credit if it is poor or mediocre.

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The distinction between premium credit cards that only portray themselves as exclusive and opulent and those that genuinely are these things must be made. Like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t make assumptions about a credit card based just on its name.

It is impossible for all of the more than 300 credit cards with “Premium,” “Elite,” “Gold,” or “Platinum” in their names to be the best. The truly premium offers are covered in more below.

Best Premium Cards 2022

Card NameAnnual FeeReward RateIntro Offer
Chase Sapphire Reserve$5501x-10x points60,000 points
The Platinum card from American Express$6951x-5x points100,000 points
American Express Gold Card$2501x-4x points60,000 points
Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card$5501x-3x points50,000 points

Overview Of Premium Cards

#1. Chase Sapphire Reserve

Many potential applicants are put off by the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card’s exorbitant annual fee, but regular travelers should be able to get enough use out of it to more than justify the expense.

Cardholders receive generous bonus offers, annual travel credits, airport lounge access, and extra rewards (up to 10X) on dining and travel, as well as a 50% increase in point value when redeeming points for trips booked through Chase. Additionally, points can be transferred to a dozen or so airline and hotel partners. 

#2. The Platinum Card From American Express

Travelers who prefer to go in style (and aren’t afraid to spend money on comfort) can more than get their money’s worth with the Platinum Card® from American Express. Benefits include free hotel stays, comprehensive access to airport lounges, hundreds of dollars in annual travel and retail credits, and more.

Not to mention the generous welcome incentive for new cardholders and the high rewards rate on qualifying travel expenditures. 

#3. American Express Gold Card

The American Express® Gold Card offers high rewards at American supermarkets, restaurants, and on select flights booked through, allowing you to rack up points from ordinary purchases. 

Other advantages include a strong welcome bonus for new customers and annual dining and travel credits worth hundreds of dollars. However, there is an annual cost, and it is quite large, so it is not for those who have a lower budget.

#4. Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card 

The Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card comes with an annual companion certificate that is valid even in first class, and it also grants access to American Express’ Centurion Lounges while traveling with Delta. Every airline has a premium card that grants access to its airport lounges.

How To Pick a Perfect Premium Credit Card

1. Skip Labels

The name and appearance of a credit card are essentially irrelevant. The substance it is formed of is the same. None of those items will enable you to increase your savings. And they might cost you if you choose a credit card based on appearance rather than merit. Therefore, pay attention to awards, rates, fees, and other aspects that will have an actual financial impact.

2. Expensive Doesn’t Always Equal Better

Some individuals believe that a credit card with an annual fee is automatically bad. Others believe that charging more will result in more luxury. Both sides are incorrect. An yearly charge is neither inherently good nor bad.

It depends on what you get for your money as well as what benefits and rewards the less expensive cards offer. You should truly do the math and compare cards depending on how much money you anticipate saving from each.

3. Consider your type of expenditure firs 

You’ll get a realistic idea of how much you’ll earn by comparing the rewards structure of a credit card to your personal spending patterns. Therefore, you must consider the kinds of purchases you’ll be making with your new card and seek out an offer that is generous in those spending categories.

Be honest about the features you actually require. For instance, if you rarely fly, you shouldn’t get a credit card only for the access to the airline lounge it offers.

4. Create a Custom Premium Credit Card

Realistically, you can’t create your own credit card. However, you can combine a number of credit cards to provide better conditions than any one credit card could. The Island Approach is the name of it. The underlying concept is that each credit card is designated for a particular kind of transaction, and when selecting the card, you only consider the terms that apply to that kind of transaction.

For instance, if you’re looking for a rewards card to use for regular purchases, don’t worry about interest rates. And while looking for a credit card to transfer balances, don’t bother about incentives.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is a premium card 

Ans. Premium credit cards are high-end cards that come with special features including generous sign-up bonuses, prestigious recurring rewards, access to airport lounges, and more. In many situations, cardholders can anticipate paying $550 or more a year for all the luxury advantages that come with premium credit cards.

2. What is the most prestigious card by American Express?

Ans. The Centurion® Card from American Express is the most distinguished American Express credit card. To obtain it, you must receive an invitation; however, you can also do so online. 

3. What credit card do the millionaires use? 

Ans. Rich folk use credit cards like the American Express Centurion® Card, J.P. Morgan Reserve Credit Card, and American Express Platinum Card®.

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