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Top 10 Best Marketing Software For WordPress

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Many years ago, WordPress was largely used to generate blogs rather than more conventional websites. But it hasn’t been the case for a while.

You may now develop any kind of website with WordPress, thanks to enhancements made to the core code and the platform’s enormous ecosystem of plugins and themes.

Have you ever wondered how businesses like Mashable, Yahoo, and AOL (yes, AOL) continue to operate? The main thing these websites do is make content, and they almost always give that content away for free. The only time they might charge is if they offer an email service.

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So, from where do they obtain the funding for these enormous websites?

Advertising is one solution. These websites benefit from Google Adsense and other ad management services to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month.

You can also sell ad space if you run or own a WordPress website. Keeping track of who is advertising on your website and which ads perform better than others may become more difficult as you sell more ads.

We created this ranking of the top WordPress ad management plugins for that reason. Continue reading to find out more about each plugin’s functions, installation costs, and potential advantages for your website.

Ads Pro Plugin$57
Aparg SmartAd$21
AdRotateFree, With premium plans
Adning Advertising$29
Quick AdsenseFree
Corner AdFree, with premium plans
WordPress Ad WidgetFree
AdSanity$49/year for Basic Plan; $149/year for advance plan
Ad InserterFree, with premium plans
  1. Plugins for Ads Pro

Fees: $57

The Ads Pro Plugin is a great option if you want comprehensive control over the ads on your WordPress website. This program includes a ton of distinctive features and customization choices, making it one of the most comprehensive ad management plugins on this list.

For instance, you can display advertising in 20 different styles, such as the sidebar, floating, corner peel, and more, and there are over 25 pre-made ad designs available. Additionally, you may choose which platforms your advertising will appear on, so you can have ads run on mobile devices but not on desktops.

  1. WP-Insert

Fees: Free(N/A)

The majority of the fundamental functions you need to manage advertising on your website are provided by the free plugin WP Insert. It has many favorable reviews on the WordPress marketplace and is simple to install.

Built-in support for Google Adsense and page-level advertisements, manual override for auto-positioning, and an A/B testing tool that enables you to test out various ad locations on your website are a few noteworthy features of this plugin.

Furthermore, Ad Blocker is limitless, allowing you to prevent any ads from appearing on your pages.

  1. Aparg SmartAd

Price: $21

With the help of the drag-and-drop capabilities of this WordPress plugin, you can quickly and easily design eye-catching advertisements for your website. Utilizing the live previewer, you can also see how your advertisement will appear on your website before it goes live.

Over 75 eye-catching animations, 25 background overlay designs, and six different ad formats round out the outstanding features.

  1. AdRotate

Price: Free; premium plans are available too.

AdRotate may be the right plugin for you if you want to start using online ads but aren’t sure if you want to jump right in. In addition to a paid subscription that you may buy when your site’s ad revenue rises, it offers a free edition with basic ad management tools.

The focus of the free edition is ad management. It offers a convenient interface where you may assess the general effectiveness of your advertising activities. You can classify advertisements and track their click-through rates, click-through rates, and impressions.

Additionally, there is a geo-targeting tool that works in all nations and cities. When you promote in several towns, states, and nations, you can then make sure that your advertisement is translated into the appropriate language.

Top 10 Best Marketing Software For WordPress
  1. Adding Advertisement

Fees: $29

This plugin, which was formerly known as the WP PRO Advertising System, aids in managing banner ads on your WordPress website. Banners may be easily made using Gutenberg, WPBakery, or Elementor, and the drag-and-drop file uploader makes it simple to post them as well.

Your banners can be added pretty much anywhere on your website after they are set up. Additionally, a function called auto-positioning automatically adds banners to your pages.

You can be sure that your advertising will look fantastic on any device or browser your users use because this plugin is also 100% responsive.

  1. Quick Adsense

Fees: Free

Despite being made exclusively for Adsense and requiring a Google Adsense account to utilize, this WordPress plugin is still compatible with other advertising networks. It’s a great choice for people who mostly use Google Adsense to make and manage ads for the web.

This plugin is basic, cost-free, and simple to use. You can even slap a random ad on your website thanks to it. This keeps your website looking new and lowers the possibility that returning visitors may develop ad blindness.

  1. Corner Ad

Fees: Free plus premium plans

Corner ads are wonderful because they barely obtrude on your website while still grabbing users’ attention.

They don’t occupy a lot of areas that could be utilized for good information, and they aren’t solely for promotional advertising. For example, you could use a corner ad to let people know that a new blog post has been added to your site.

  1. WordPress Ad Widget

Fees: Free (N/A)

This ad management plugin may be the one for you if you’re looking for something easy and uncomplicated. It is designed to place advertisements wherever there is a widget space on your WordPress website.

This plugin doesn’t have a difficult ad management interface and is simple enough for beginners to use.

  1. AdSanity

Fees: $49/year for the normal plan; $149/year for the advance plan; $489 for the lifetime plan.

Whether you host your advertisements on your website or use Adsense, AdSanity is a reliable alternative. It is one of the best premium ad management WordPress plugins, with a plethora of useful features.

A built-in ad blocker, personalized widgets and shortcodes, and a visual editor for creating ads are some features. An ad blocker can prevent ads from appearing on particular pages of your website.

  1. Ad Inserter

Fees: Free plus premium plans.

There are several choices available with this ad management plugin for adding advertisements to your website. It works with Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Google Ads Manager, and Adsense. Through the use of HTML, Javascript, and CSS, you may also add and design different kinds of advertising.

A paragraph, a visitor’s comment, an image, or the conclusion of a post can all have advertisements before or after them. Additionally, you can use CSS to add it right next to an element on your website, or you can use the body tag in your header or footer.


Ad revenue could be very beneficial, depending on the type of website you have. There is no reason why you can’t make money from online advertising if your site has appealing content and consistent visitors. Choose a strategy from this list and start earning money from ads on your website right away.

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